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Earth Sisters

A Nature & Dance-based Journey of Self Discovery
For Ages 17-20

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Earth Sisters Overview

Registration is Closed for 2022

Please contact us for more info about Earth Women 2023!

Email us at

Earth Women is a Nature and Dance-based Transformational  Journey and Rites of Passage for women in Santa Cruz who are ready to celebrate, embody, and mark themselves as the earth women that they TRULY ARE and are BECOMING, as well as develop a deep and foundational relationship with the Earth, their body, community, and self.

From April to September, Earth Women meets twice per month with night hikes, day-long outdoor adventures, dances, community gatherings, a 5-day campout/retreat, and one 12-24hr solo nature immersion.

Earth Women is for you if you are ready for:



Connection with the Earth

Full Self-Expression and Embodiment

Alignment with Your Purpose and Gifts

A Celebration & Marking of Being YOU

Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Resiliency

Connection with Ancestral Knowledge

Connection with Your Innate Wisdom

Self- Confidence & Empowerment

Mentorship & Guidance

Feminine Leadership

A Sense of Belonging


What you will experience at Earth Women:

•  Nightime Moon Hikes

• Ecstatic Dances

•  Nature-Connection

• Embodiment Practices

•  12-24hr Solo Nature Immersion

•  Emotional Support

•  Self-Care & Nurturing Practices

•  Moon Time Awareness

•  Camping

• Fire Circles

• Mindfulness & Meditation

• Nonviolent Communication

•  Women's Circles

•  Storytelling & Deep Listening

•  Mentorship & guidance from Guides and Elders

•  Ancestral Skills, such as plant ID, fire & wildcrafting

•  Ancestral Honoring & Tending

•  Connection with the Four Directions as a Life Map

•  Confidence in Nature, Self & Community

•  Singing Circles & Jam Sessions

•  PLAY!



April 2022 – September 2022




New Moon Retreat & Opening Circle 

@ Wilder Ranch State Park &

1010 Center Street

Saturday 4/30, 10:30am - 8pm


Small Group Nature Outing: TBD



Virtual Council: 5/9, 6-8pm


Full Moon Hike

@ Moore Creek: 5/16, 6-9pm


Small Group: TBD




Solstice Fire & Cacao

@ Live Oak: 6/20, 6-Sunset


Ecstatic Dance, Song & Circle

@ 1010 Center Street: 6/25, 3-6pm

Small Group Nature Outing: TBD


Virtual Council: 7/5, 6-8pm


New Moon Adventure

@ Pogonip: 7/28, 5:30-9pm


Small Group Nature Outing: TBD



Virtual Retreat Preparation: 8/1, 5-6pm

"Journey into the Wild"

4-night, 5-day Earth Women Retreat

@ Private land in Santa Cruz Mountains

Includes a 12-24hr Solo Nature Immersion

Thursday August 25th - Monday August 29th

Small Group Nature Outing: TBD



Community Dance & Potluck

@ Ocean View Park: Saturday 9/10, 1-6pm


Closing Retreat & Celebration

@ Wilder Ranch State Park &

1010 Center Street

Saturday 9/17, 10:30am - 8pm


Small Group Nature Outing: TBD


Earth Women begins with an New Moon Retreat & Opening Circle in the Santa Cruz Mountains and at our favorite downtown dance studio. This will be a day-long immersive journey of soulful connection, play, embodiment, dance and community! From there, we meet twice monthly for women's circles, moon hikes, outdoor adventures, and ecstatic dance journeys. You will be paired into small groups and given nature "home-play" to complete between our time together (titled "Small Group Nature Outing"). One-on-one mentorship and guidance is also available during this time. The first 3-4 months of Earth Women prepares you for our August retreat, "Journey into the Wild", a 4-night, 5-day campout filled with dance, nature-connection, ancestral skills, song, fire circles, ceremony, and a 12-24-hr Solo Nature Immersion. This journey is an opportunity for each woman to celebrate and mark themselves into the women that they truly are and that they are becoming. Post Journey, we meet for 1-2 more months to celebrate, support, and integrate through council, dance, potlucks, and a Closing Retreat during which all are welcome to invite close family and friends!

Sample Retreat Rhythm


"Journey into the Wild"

4-night, 5-day Earth Women Retreat

@ Private land in Santa Cruz Mountains

Thursday 8/25 – Monday 8/29

Arrival Thursday 8/25

12-2pm: Arrival at the Land
2pm: Opening Circle Ritual & Connection Activity 

4pm: Dance
6:30pm: DINNER

7:30pm: Fire Council & Music

Sample Full Day Schedule

7 or 8am: BREAKFAST
9am - 10:30: Movement Practice

11-1pm: Morning Group Activity
1pm: LUNCH
2:30pm - 6pm: Nature Connection Activity 
6:30pm: DINNER
8pm: Ritual Fire & Council & Magick

 Departure Monday 8/29

7 or 8am BREAKFAST
9am - 10:00: Movement Practice

10:30: Closing Ceremony

12pm: Lunch

2pm: Head Home


Your Guides


Deanna Falge

Rites of Passage Guide, Conscious Dance Facilitator, Ecotherapist & Coach

Deanna is passionate about supporting women through transition and transformation by guiding them into deep and meaningful relationship with the Earth, body, soul, and community. She was introduced to the world of wilderness rites of passage through her first vision fast ceremony with the School of Lost Borders a few years ago, during which she initiated herself into young womanhood. This journey changed her life forever, and confirmed that she wanted to offer the same transformative opportunity to other women. From that point forward, Deanna committed her life to being a guide, and her offering, Earth Embodied, was born.


Deanna has formal education in Biological Psychology from UC Santa Barbara, and is a certified Professional Life Coach (NCC), Transformational Wilderness Guide (TWG), Ecotherapist, Embodiment Facilitator, Dancer, and Ecstatic Dance DJ. She has years of training and experience in somatic therapy, outdoor education, wilderness rites of passage, wilderness survival, community building, mindfulness, dance, embodiment facilitation, and being a badass Earth Woman!

When she is not guiding, Deanna loves to play in the ocean, surf, dance, climb oak trees, play music, sing, tend fires, weave baskets, identify plants, and drink cacao!

Reg &Tuiton

Registration & Tuition


Early Bird Tuition: $990

Security Deposit: $333 + $110/month for 6 months

Payment Dates: 4/15, 5/15, 6/15, 7/15, 8/15, & 9/15

(Register by March 7th!)

Regular Tuition: $1199

Security Deposit: $333 + $145/month for 6 months

Payment Dates: 4/15, 5/15, 6/15, 7/15, 8/15, & 9/15

Scholarships & alternate payment plans available (see below)

What's Included:

• 5-day, 4-night August Retreat at private land

in the Santa Cruz Mountains

• April Opening Retreat

• September Closing Retreat

• 12-24hr Solo Nature Immersion

•  Two Full Moon & New Moon Hikes

•  Two Virtual Councils

• Solstice Celebration with Fire & Cacao

•  Multiple Ecstatic Dance Journeys

• Monthly Nature & Embodiment "Home-Play"

•  One Community Potluck

• One Family & Friends Celebration

• Live Preparation Call in August

• All meals at retreats

• Cooking/Kitchen supplies at August Retreat

(except occasional lunches)

• Snacks during hikes & dances adventures

• One-on-One & Group Support

•  Dance & Embodiment Facilitation

•  Two experienced guides supporting you every step of the journey

•  Guest mentors and elders for additional support

•  Life-long friendships

•  The journey of a lifetime

What's Not Included:

•  Travel to-and-from locations

(we will help coordinate carpools)

• $40 camping fee

• PCR or Antigen tests

• Lunch for opening & closing retreats

• Camping gear, such as tent, pad, bag, etc.

(however, we will supply cooking/kitchen

gear, and we can help you find any other gear that you need)


We are offering two partial (or one full) scholarships to BIPOC women, women from marginalized groups and/or women who want to join but do not have the funds. Scholarships require an informal interview and letter explaining why you want to join Earth Women.

We are choosing to make Earth Women as affordable as possible, and

we do not want to turn women away for lack of funds!

If money feels like a barrier, please contact us and we can help find a way to make this work for you!

Application & Registration:


Please connect with us about joining our program in 2023!

Email us at:

To Apply, please read & fill-out our Application Form HERE

Once we receive your Application, we will set-up a time to speak on the phone about next steps!


Please contact us with any questions at:

We are so excited for this adventure with you!!!

With love and gratitude,

Deanna & Ari

A Note on Covid:

We will do our best to make the right decisions based on current conditions. This may look like frequent sanitization, masks when indoors, and testing before retreats. We will check-in with each participant's needs to ensure that we all feel safe and comfortable.

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