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About Earth Embodied Journeys

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About Earth Embodied Journeys


Our Intentions:

Our intentions are to offer a safe and supportive environment for humans to explore, awaken, restore and deepen their unique relationship with the Earth, their body, soul, community and purpose.

We Value:

• Love

• Deep Listening

• Authenticity

• Honesty

• Commitment

• Flexibility

• Compassion

• Respsect

• Safety

• Diversity

• Youth

• Elders

Our Core Philosophies:

Earth and Body are Inseparable.

We are living in a critical moment in human history. While on the brink of collapse, we are also faced with the opportunity for personal and collective transformation towards a life-sustaining and life-enhancing planet Earth. We must begin with our own relationship with the Earth, our Body, our Self & one Another.

Our Teachers:

We have immense gratitude for the teachers, mentors, authors, schools, and philosophies that have influenced Earth Embodied Journeys:

Schools & Organizations:

School of Lost Borders

The Animas Valley Institute

Earth-Based Institute

Wilderness Awareness School

The Work that Reconnects

Ecstatic Dance Santa Cruz

Earth Body Institute

Rites of Passage Journeys

Ventana Wilderness Alliance



Live Oak

Valley Oak

Oak Savannas

Red-Tailed & Shouldered Hawk

Coopers Hawk


Barn Owl

Desert Landscapes

Rocks & Mountains

Big Sur & Ventana Wilderness

Santa Cruz Mountains


Frameworks & Methodologies:

Native American history & literature

Ancestral wisdom & skills


Rites of Passage

The Four Shields


Partswork Therapy

Somatic Therapy

Somatic Experiencing

5 Rhythms & Ecstatic Dance

Coyote Mentorship

Nonviolent Communication

The Soul-Centric Human Development Wheel

Partswork Therapy

About Deanna Renee Falge


Founder & Guide

My Short Story:

My full name is Deanna Renee Falge.

I grew up in Santa Cruz, California, land of the Awaswas people, which is also where I live now.

I am passionate about supporting others through transition and transformation by guiding them into deep and meaningful relationship with the Earth, body, soul, and community.

Earth Embodied Journeys was seeded out my first wilderness vision fast journey, and has been a culmination of my work and experience in embodiment facilitation, dance, nature-based life coaching, mentoring, ecotherapy, outdoor education, mindfulness, performance, and rites of passage.

When I am not guiding, you can most easily find me surfing, playing in the ocean, contemplating life in an oak tree, dancing, DJing, singing, laughing, wandering off trail, or eating quality dark chocolate.


My Qualifications

I am a Certified Professional Nature-Connected Life Coach (NCC) and Transformational Guide (TWG) through the Earth-Based Institute (ICF Accredited), trained in the art of wilderness vision fast guiding through the School of Lost Borders, and trained in Ecotherapy ("Level 1 Certificate") through the Earth Body Institute.


I am currently pursuing my master in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) to become a Licensed Psychotherapist, and I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Psychology from UC Santa Barbara.


As a Life Coach and guide, I am trained in somatic experiencing, trauma-informed coaching, partswork facilitation, grief and loss therapy, gestalt therapy, embodiment facilitation, mindfulness, wilderness rites of passage and vision fast ceremonies, the four shields model, nonviolent communication, various ancestral skills, wilderness survival skills, and coyote mentorship. I utilize these tools and methodologies in my work.

I hold years of experiencing working with teens and adults as a guide, life coach, ecotherapist, mentor, outdoor educator, embodiment facilitator, wilderness skills instructor, nature-connection guide, rites of passage guide, and dance instructor.

Partner Guides

Angela bio_edited.jpg

Angela Vincent

Women's Wilderness Ceremony Guide

Angela is a soul guide disguised in many forms. She has spent her life following the golden threads of mystery, swimming in alpine lakes and wild rivers, bathing like a lizard on hot rocks, and above all being awed by the beauty and irony of the world.  She brings the gifts of humor, wildness, love, and deep witnessing to others’ unique unfoldings. Through her many experiences of deep connection to the soul of the Earth, she has formed a deep commitment to helping others remember their innate belonging and purpose.


She has studied with The School of Lost Borders, The Animas Valley Institute, and Martin Prechtel's "school," Bolad's Kitchen. Her formal education includes a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.


Ariana Evelyn Kaback

Earth Women Guide

Ariana is a certified Birth Doula, Postpartum Chef, Wilderness Guide, Body Worker, & Rites of Passage Facilitator. She has dedicated her life to supporting women’s transformations and initiations into motherhood, adulthood & womanhood.


Ariana is a Nature lover. She is here to empower women to connect to their own inner knowing, innate wisdom, and body intelligence to lead a life of love for themselves, the Earth, and their communities. Ariana bridges a connection between Earth, Body, and Spirit and uses nature as her guide to support others.


Ariana also has a degree in Outdoor Education and Holistic Health from San Francisco State University. She is trained in nonviolent communication, is a Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness First Aid. For many years, Ariana has studied meditation, yoga, council facilitation, the art of play, dance, and feminine embodiment practices. 


Ariana loves to hike, dance, sit in circle, commune with the Earth, swim in the ocean, travel, share songs, and be among great women and men.

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