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Earth Women

Earth Women Serves ALL Women to
Come Home to the Earth, Our Bodies & Sisterhood.

Our Six Month Journey Runs from April – November, 2024

Contact Deanna for more information on Earth Women 2025

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Program Overview

Earth Women is a transformational journey and a sacred passage for women who are ready to awaken and deepen their relationships with the Earth, our Bodies and Sisterhood.

Our intention is to co-create and build a web of diverse women to collectively explore the depths of our hearts and our return to the Wild. 

Earth Women is a 6-Month Container, divided into 4 Retreats: an Opening Ceremony in the Santa Cruz Mountains, a 4-day Backpacking Trip in Big Sur, a 5-day Wilderness Retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains (includes a 24-hr Solo Nature Immersion), and a Closing Ceremony in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Between retreats, we meet for Zoom council calls, as well as offer you "Nature Homeplay" to complete on your own and/or with participants.


Our Retreats include Night Hikes, Day-long Wild Adventures, Backpacking, Ecstatic Dances, Song Circles, Fire Circles, Ancestral Skills, Earth Medicine Walks, Earth-Based Ceremonies, The Way of Council, One 24hr Solo Nature Immersion & More!

Earth Women is for you if you are ready for:

A Place of Belonging


Deeper Self-Love

Becoming a Well Nourished Woman

Building Relationship with the Feminine

Connection with the Earth & Spirit

Strengthening Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Connections

Understanding Your Body's Wisdom

Learning Ancestral Knowledge

Meeting Your Edges

Change & Transformation


Self- Confidence & Empowerment

Alignment with Your Soul's Calling

Learning How to Listen & Share from Your Heart

Support from Elders

Mentorship & Guidance


"Earth Women is coming home to myself by opening my heart to the Earth. Held so sweetly in loving, caring supportive community- it allowed my self to unravel and my heart to open more fully. I deepened my connection with mama nature, learned to listen to her wisdom, and learned to listen to my own wisdom. I accessed healing so deep and profound that I will carry in my heart always. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

— Jules


"Earth Women is a sacred space and rite of passage for beings who are longing to come home to their body and the earth. We co-create potent, healing, intentional space through play, song, dance, wonder, wandering, heartfelt sharing, practicing reciprocity with the land, and so many more beautiful & transformative & nourishing experiences."

— Jane

What you will experience at Earth Women:

• Dance Journeys

•  Nature-Connection

• Embodiment Practices

• Earth Medicine Walks

•  Sacred Silence

•  24hr Solo in Nature

• Allyship & Support

• Earth-based Rituals & Ceremony

•  Camping, Hiking & Backpacking

• Nourishment

• Sacred Fire Circles

• Plant Connections

• Mindfulness & Meditation

•  Self-Care & Self-Love Practices

• Deep Listening & Sharing Circles

•  Council Practice

•  Ancestral Skill Sharing

•  Learning the Four Directions as a Life Map

•  Confidence Being Alone in Nature

•  Singing Circles




Earth Women 2024 Official Program Itinerary:

April 2024 – November 2024

Opening Ceremony

@ Wilder Ranch State Park

Sunday April 28th (Full Day) 

Backpacking Retreat

@ Ventana Wilderness, Big Sur

Friday 5/24 - Monday 5/27

Journey into the Wild

4-night, 5-day Earth Women Retreat

@ Private land in Santa Cruz Mountains

Includes a 24hr Solo Nature Immersion

Thursday 8/29 - Monday 9/2

Closing Ceremony

@ Wilder Ranch State Park

Sunday November 17th (Full Day)

Zoom Council Calls

5 Calls: May, July, August, October, January

Exact Dates/Times TBA

Nature Homeplay

Dates/Times TBA

Sample Retreat Itinerary

"Journey into the Wild"

5-day, 4-night Earth Women Retreat

@ Private land in Santa Cruz Mountains

Thursday 8/29 – Monday 9/2

Arrival Thursday 8/29

12-2pm: Arrival at the Land
2pm: Opening Circle Ritual & Connection Activity 

4pm: Dance
6:30pm: DINNER

7:30pm: Fire Council & Music

Sample Full Day Schedule

9am - 10:30: Movement Practice

11-1pm: Morning Group Activity
1pm: LUNCH
2:30pm - 6pm: Nature Connection Activity 
6:30pm: DINNER
8pm: Ritual Fire & Council

 Departure Sunday 9/2

9am - 10:00: Movement Practice

10:30: Closing Ceremony

12pm: Lunch

2pm: Head Home


"To be part of Earth Women felt like coming home to a familiar place I had never been before.

I learned that I have the power to make a difference in myself and in my community. I was given tools I didn't know I needed, and shown how to use them.

Earth Women is acceptance & love."

— Maya


"Earth Women is a beautiful journey that invites you deeper into connection with self and with sisters through practicing being in deep relationship with Mother Earth. This journey is beautiful, soul nourishing medicine."

— Emily

Your Guides


Ariana Evelyn Kaback & Deanna Renee Falge


Nature-Connected Coach, Backpacking Guide, Wilderness Transformation & Rites of Passage Guide

Deanna is a passionate guide, Earth steward and dancer. She believes that our bodies and the Earth are inseparable, and that by developing a loving relationship with both of them, we can live a meaningful, connected and healthy life. Through her transformational experiences in nature, she has developed a relationship with the Earth that has served as an essential anchor for navigating her life and soul's purpose. She wants everyone to have this same opportunity.


Deanna has formal education in Biological Psychology from UC Santa Barbara, and is a certified Professional Life Coach, Transformational Wilderness Guide, Wilderness First Responder, Backpacking Guide, Embodiment Facilitator and DJ. She has years of training and experience in somatic therapy, outdoor education, rites of passage, vision fast ceremonies, wilderness survival, community building, mindfulness, dance, embodiment facilitation, and being a human. When she is not guiding, Deanna loves to play in the ocean, surf, dance, climb oak trees, play music, tend fires, talk to plants, and drink cacao!


Rites of Passage Guide, Backpacking Guide, Birth & Postpartum Doula & Chef

Ariana is a certified Birth Doula, Postpartum Chef, Wilderness Guide, Body Worker, & Rites of Passage Facilitator. She has dedicated her life to supporting women’s transformations and initiations into motherhood, adulthood & womanhood.


Ariana is a Nature lover. She is here to empower women to connect to their own inner knowing, innate wisdom, and body intelligence to lead a life of love for themselves, the Earth, and their communities. Ariana bridges a connection between Earth, Body, and Spirit and uses nature as her guide to support others. She founded Hummingbirth Doula and has a blooming practice in Santa Cruz.


Ariana also has a degree in Outdoor Education and Holistic Health from San Francisco State University. She is trained in nonviolent communication, is a Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness First Aid. For many years, Ariana has studied meditation, yoga, council facilitation, the art of play, dance, and feminine embodiment practices. 


Ariana loves to hike, dance, sit in circle, commune with the Earth, swim in the ocean, travel, share songs, and be among great women and men.

Guest Guides & Elders

We will be joined by guest guides and an elder who will offer additional support throughout our journey!


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Registration & Tuition


Donation-based Tuition:


(Security Deposit: $250)

We are excited to announce that Earth Women 2024 is a donation-based program.

It is our prayer that this program can be accessible to all. Please take an honest look at your own financial position and please donate that which you can afford. This helps support Deanna and Ari and the time, hard work and commitment it takes to offer a program like this.

That being said, we would like all donations to be made at the end of our program in November – after you have thoroughly gone through the program and are able to give from that place of fullness. We ask that everyone pays a $250 deposit up front to secure your spot and cover your costs of food for the retreats.

Application Closed for 2024

Please contact Deanna for more info on Earth Women 2025!


What's Included:

• 5-day, 4-night August Retreat on private land

in the Santa Cruz Mountains

• May 4-day, 3-night Backpacking Retreat

• November Closing Retreat

• April Opening Retreat

• 24hr Solo Nature Immersion

•  Guided Hikes

• Day-time Outdoor Adventures

•  Dance Journeys

•  Council & Sharing Circles

• Earth Medicine Walks

• Monthly Nature & Embodiment "Home-Play"

•  Embodiment Facilitation

• All Meals at Backpacking & 5-Day Retreat

• Cooking/Kitchen Supplies at Retreats

• One-on-One & Group Support

•  Two experienced guides supporting you every step of the journey

•  Guest mentors and elders for additional support

•  Life-long friendships

•  The journey of a lifetime

What's Not Included:

•  Travel to-and-from locations

(we will help coordinate carpools)

• Camping gear, such as tent, pad, bag, etc.

(however, we will supply cooking/kitchen

gear, and we can help you find any other gear that you need)

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Please Contact Us with any questions!

We are so excited for this journey with you!

With love & gratitude,

Deanna & Ari

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